Peach Pedal Bike Ride, Weatherford, Texas

The Routes

Choose a route of your choice that is 61-miles, 39-miles, 28-miles or 8-miles. It is always best to set a goal and then pick the best day to be out riding.

  • 61 mile route
  • 39 mile route
  • 28 mile route
  • 8 mile route

Get Your Camera Ready

We want to see your pictures! Get creative this year and don't forget to sport your peach wear during the ride.  There just might be a prize for the most creative team and individual that shows off the best Peach attire!

The Start

This year you get to choose the day, the route and even the weather. Sound good? We think so! Just make sure that it is between July 10th- July 20th. It will be READY-SET-GO when you are ready! 

The Finish

You made it and we want to see it! Send us your pics. This will also be a time to get creative. Do you have personal supporters or family members that will be there to celebrate you? Need some ideas? Try using chalk to make a finish line, make signs, grab some flags or balloons to be in the picture at the finish line.  Do not forget, this is about YOU and your achievement showing how you are supporting our community by being a participant this year.


Please be safe! Always wear a helmet and make sure you bring plenty of water while you are out riding.